Water and Sewer

The Water & Sewer Department is responsible for developing and maintaining water and sewer service to residents of the city. Department responsibilities include:

  • Locating and repairing water and sewer leaks
  • Installing new water and sewer mains
  • Installing water taps
  • Reading water meters
  • Reviewing water bill complaints
  • Cleaning sewer lines, manholes and lift stations
  • Cleaning storm drains and catch basins
  • Locating and marking water and sewer mains for excavator’s requests (NYS Code Rule 753)

Water Leak Detection
Leaks contribute to a huge waste of a precious resource, as well as causing your water bill to soar. If you feel your water use is high, call the Water Department at (914) 734-4152. We can assist in determining if there is a leak on your property.

Sewer Maintenance Problems
If you experience sewer problems immediately contact the city. We will check the main sewer to determine if the stoppage is in the sewer main (city's responsibility) or the service lateral (owner's responsibility). The city will then clear the blockage if it is in the city’s sewer main.

Property Owner's Responsibility - The owner of the property is responsible for keeping the sewer clean between the building and the sewer main. Locating the building sewer and its connection to the sewer main is also the owner's responsibility, although the department will attempt to assist with available records and information. The department recommends any blockages in the building lines be cleared by a plumber.

Emergencies beyond normal business hours can be directed to the Water Treatment Plant @ (914) 734-4186. With an annual output of over 1.5 Billion gallons, the Peekskill Water Department continues to provide its residents with water of the highest quality at a reasonable cost. Water Department Personnel continually monitor the water quality from its WICCOPEE RESERVOIR through the PEEKSKILL HOLLOW BROOK. Aggressive watershed inspections protect the quality of the source water. Our Water Treatment Plant is manned twenty-four hours a day, year round with certified experienced operators and continues to meet rigorous demands of State and Federal health requirements. It is our responsibility to bring you safe drinking water. It is your responsibility to use that water wisely. Remember, conservation of water during times of drought and shortage in our water supply is everyone's responsibility. It takes approximately fifteen gallons of water being released from our reservoir for one gallon of water to reach our pump station. A simple dripping faucet could result in tens of thousands of gallons of water being wasted. Use, do not abuse, our most precious resource - WATER.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
David Rambo Water & Sewer Superintendent 914-734-4152
Charles Bradford Chief Filter Plant Operator 914-734-1600