Senior Services/Nutrition

Welcome City of Peekskill Seniors

Come join us for a hot meal daily, an exercise class, bingo, participate in a health seminar, take a trip to see a Broadway Show or your favorite sports team play or just  socialize over a delicious hot cup of coffee.  Transportation is provided to and from the center.

For more information, please call Ray Glashoff (Director of Senior Programs) at (914) 734-4254, or A.J. Batra (Senior Office Assistant) at (914) 739-6768. 

Highlights for September: 

Hospital Coffeebreak Fundraiser hosted by the Senior Club, to raise funds for the NY Presbyterian Medical Group Hospital: 

Coffee Break 1



Coffee Break 4

Coffee Break 5

Coffee Break 6

Coffee Break 7

Annual Trinity Cruise at the Riverfront: 

Cruise 1

Cruise 2

Cruise 3

Cruise 5

Trinity 2


Cruise 7

Trinity 8

Trinity 4

Trinity 5

Cruise 11

Trinity 7


Cruise 13

Highlight for October: 

The annual Golden Harvest celebration at the County Center in White Plains (35 seniors were in attendance!) 

Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest 1

Golden Harvest 3

Golden Harvest 4

Golden Harvest 5

Golden Harvest 6

Golden Harvest 7

Golden Harvest 8



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ray Glashoff Director of Senior Programs (914) 734-4254
Johnathan Zamora Nutrition Site Manager (914) 734-4250, Ext. 2
A.J. Batra Homebound Meals Coordinator (914) 739-6768
Rhonda Getter Food Service Helper / Recreation Assistant (914) 734-4251