City of Peekskill Section 8 HCV Program HUD Waivers


Due to the pandemic, we have been utilizing the following HUD Waivers as listed below since April 10, 2020:

PH and HCV-8 Eligibility Determination: Income Verification: Regulatory Authority §§ 960.259(c), 982.201(e) Sub-regulatory Guidance Notice PIH 2018-18

Waives the third-party income verification requirements for applicants, and will allow PHAs to consider self-certification as the highest form of income verification at admission PHAs must review the EIV Income and IVT Reports to confirm/ validate family reported income within 90 days.

HCV-2 Information When Family is Selected: PHA Oral Briefing: Regulatory Authority §§ 982.301(a)(1), 983.252(a) 

Waives the requirement for an oral briefing. Provides for alternative methods to conduct required voucher briefing.

All waivers expire on December 31, 2021.