EagleFest 2018 -Thank You

EagleFest 2018

Thanks to everyone who participated in the day.  We had a wonderful time.  Teatown recorded 17 eagles just at the Riverfront.  They were spectacular.  Most floated by on the ice packs in the morning, but some soared overhead and a couple stayed for the day.  

Special thanks to:  Renne Moskowitz, her eagle photo display, and the wonderful advise she gave to young photographers on techniques for taking photos.  Brian Robinson and his beautiful Birds of Prey.  Jonathan Kruk with his wonderful stories of the Hudson Valley. 

Thanks to the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce and Wheelabrator Westchester for their sponsorship.  These wonderful performers and educators would not have been able to be there without your support.  

Extra Special thanks to the Peekskill Middle and High School Environmental Clubs who put together some wonderful displays on the eagles, provided some delicious eagle themed snacks to our young visitors, and helped with our craft projects.  Couldn't have done it without all of you.  

We hope you had a wonderful time.  We hope to see everyone again next year as we celebrate the magnificient return of the bald eagle, and all the birds of prey, to the Hudson Valley.