Mayor Andre Rainey




André "Noodle" Rainey, is a dedicated Father to his son Zylon, and a Peekskill native whose also lived in Germany and Las Vegas, Nevada, while his father served in the Air Force.  André understands and respects military service, the contributions of a church community and strong public schools. André graduated from Peekskill High School in 2002 and is a millennial, entrepreneur, owner and President of Noo Moves Entertainment, founded in 2010. He brings an understanding of arts and small business as an economic generator in the new economy. He believes in developing strong relationships with public schools, businesses, as well as county, state and federal agencies. As a skilled collaborator and community builder, he knows the importance of collaboration and the power of partnerships in building a vital community with opportunity for all, especially youth, teens and young adults.

André works tirelessly in efforts to open doors of opportunity for the children and millennials as well as create connection and well deserved respect, to the elders and seniors.

As an innovator of original programs and music, and educator of those most in need of new directions, with successful community fundraising and organizing skills, he brings new ideas for partnering with other municipalities and organizations.

André will continue bringing fresh perspectives to entrepreneurship, innovation, community engagement, collaboration and partnership. By understanding the desired role of government in the lives of the millennial generation "Noodle", over all, is a man with many talents, that doesn’t hesitate to show and share. Whether through music, politics, or just walking down the street, he carries himself gracefully with love, respect, and determination for creating a better world, starting with the City of Peekskill. 

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