Apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness

A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) is an approval granted by the Historic and Landmarks Preservation Board for exterior modificaitons to a property within a locally designated historic district. 

Complete applications are due 30 days prior to the next HLPB meeting date. Complete applications should be emailed or 1 color hard copy delivered to the Planning Office. A complete application includes COA form + fee, photos, renderings, profiles, manufacturer cut sheets, product details or materail samples, existing and historic photos, etc. as applicable to the proposed project. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 


  1. Determine if the property is located in a locally designated historic district. If 'YES,' continue to #2. If 'NO,' contact the Building Department (914-734-4140).
    Map of Local Downtown Historic District
  2. Does the anticipated work include any alteration in appearance of any exterior feature of a building, or site in a locally designated historic district or locally designated landmark?
    If 'YES,' continue below to ‘Application Instructions.’ If 'NO,' contact the Building Department (914-734-4140).
  3. Review the instruction set related to the proposed project (e.g. signage). 
  4. Review the 'HLPB Visual Reference Guide' below in 'Reference Documents'

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS - Review the following document for information regarding application materials, submission requirements, and fees. Application Instructions

Review the below documents for reference and recommendations on plan & drawing submission requirements.