Youth Bureau Board

The Youth Bureau Board was established via Council Resolution by the City of Peekskill Mayor and Council. The Board consists of a minimum of 13 members who are appointed to a three-year term by the Mayor and Common Council members. Two members of the Board are youths who are chosen from the City's youth population to represent the youth of the City of Peekskill and to give them a voice in decisions, which are made concerning their peers. Representatives also include the Chief of Police, a member from the Board of Education and a representative from the Department of Human Services, or their designees, who are ex-officio members (without a vote). The composition of the Board is a balance between government and non-government representatives who are directly concerned with the well being of the City's youth. Board members serve on a volunteer basis and are not paid a salary for their efforts.

The Board meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month (or more frequently, if necessary, in the offices of the Peekskill Youth Bureau located at 828 Main Street, Peekskill, New York)

The Board is empowered by the Mayor with the authority and responsibility to review the needs of the City's youth population and make recommendations to the Youth Bureau Executive Director, the Mayor and the Common Council regarding programs to remedy situations involving delinquency, youth crime, neglect, unemployment and leisure time. The Youth Board is additionally charged with the responsibility of promoting education and positive youth development programs.

Current Board Members include:  Dr. Jenna Ferris (Chair), Mary J. Foster (Secretary), Yolanda Guardino, Dr. Crystal Johnson, Kecia Palmer-Cousins (Vice President), Maria Pereira, Tyler Shillingford, Apryl Sniffen, Teresa Speights, and Milagros Tompkins along with Mayor Andre Rainey (Council Liaison), and Ex Officio members Ellen Gerace, Cathy Montaldo and Officer Jonathan Saintiche

Current Youth Board Representatives:  Jahyra Speights and Sarai Sales

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