Central Fire Station Draft Environment Impact Statement

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a public hearing, open to all persons, will be held at Peekskill City Hall, 2nd Floor, 840 Main Street, Peekskill, New York at 7:30 p.m. or shortly thereafter on Monday, August 13, 2012, by the City of Peekskill Common Council pursuant to Article 2 of the New York State Eminent Domain Procedure Law (“EDPL”) and the State Environmental Quality Review Act (Article 8 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law) and the regulations adopted thereto (6 NYCRR  Part 617) (collectively “SEQRA”) to consider (a) the proposed acquisition by condemnation of property located within the Project site (described below) in furtherance of the project; and (b) the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (“DEIS”) for the project. 

The public hearing is for the purpose of: (1) informing the public about the Project; (2) reviewing the public use to be served by the Project and the impact of the Project on the environmental and residents of the locality where the Project would be constructed, pursuant to Article 2 of the EDPL; (3) advising all persons and property owners within the Project site of what properties are contemplated for acquisition by eminent domain, and (4) giving all interested persons an opportunity to provide comments and/or testimony on the DEIS, pursuant to SEQRA.

The Project site is located at the southwest corner of Main Street (US route 6) and Broad Street (route 202/35) in downtown Peekskill.  The Project site encompasses approximately 1.5 acres and includes 1101-9 Main Street (TM 33.30-3-3), 1137 Main Street (TM 33.30-3-2) and 1141 Main Street (TM33.30-3-1).  The Project site currently supports a portion of an existing shopping center, a one-story commercial building and a 2.5-story structure that currently houses two retail spaces and two apartments. 

The City intends to construct a Central Firehouse and accompanying off-street parking area for approximately 40 vehicles at the Project site.

The proposed Central Firehouse will address the City’s need to provide public safety.  The public purposes for the project include (a) addressing the aging physical plant of the City Fire Department in a cost-effective manner; (b) providing adequate public safety and emergency service response for the existing City population and future City growth; (c) assuring appropriate storage locations for City Fire and emergency medical vehicles and equipment and providing for their repair, and (d) providing quarters for the City’s salaried and volunteer fire personnel.

The City has acquired title or is about to acquire title to:

• 1137 Main Street (TM 33.30-3-2)
• 1141 Main Street (TM 33.30-3-1)

The following property may be acquired by eminent domain:

• 1101-9 Main Street (portion) (TM 33.30-3-3)

The City of Peekskill Common Council, as the SEQRA Lead Agency, has accepted the DEIS, which has been prepared in accordance with both the City and State environmental regulations for the action, as complete.  The Project is classified as a Type 1 action under SEQRA since it is located adjacent to properties designated on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The DEIS identifies the following areas of potential significant adverse impact: land use, zoning and economic conditions; municipal fiscal conditions; aesthetics, visual conditions and cultural resources; traffic and transportation; noise; air quality; community services and utilities; and demolition and construction.  The DEIS describes practicable and feasible measures to mitigate identified impacts, where applicable.  The DEIS analyzes alternatives to the proposed action, as required by SEQRA.

A balancing of interests analysis performed by the City of Peekskill Common Council in August 2011 determined that the proposed Central Fire House project is exempt from compliance with the requirements of the City’s Zoning Code. 

The proposed acquisition plan and the DEIS are located at City Hall, 2nd Floor, Department of Planning and Development for public inspection.  Copies of the DEIS are also located at the City Clerk’s office and the Field Library at 4 Nelson Avenue, Peekskill, New York.  A copy of the DEIS has also been placed on the City of Peekskill web-site.

Comments on the DEIS are requested and will be accepted by the contact person until August 27, 2012

To inspect and/or obtain copies of the DEIS, please contact Anthony Ruggiero, MPA, AICP, Director of Planning at (914) 734-4210.