Central Fire Station and Renovation Study

Several Studies have been undertaken to assess whether to renovate the existing firehouses or to build an entirely new Central Fire Station. Both of these options have significant operational and financial implications. Several years ago the City began reviewing the concerns related to the conditions and locations of the existing 5 fire houses. A study was conducted by an architect who specializes in the design of fire stations and an expert in fire department operations and station location. The study determined that the best solution was to build a new Central Fire Station that would replace four of the existing fire houses. The proposed new Central Fire Station will be 36,583 square feet in size and is estimated to cost $15,685,024, which includes $2,750,000 in land acquisition costs. The existing fire stations on Highland Avenue, Broad Street and Main Street will either be sold or used for another municipal purpose and the City will cease renting space in the privately owned firehouse on Dayton Lane. The fire house on Washington Street would remain as a substation in the Southern part of the City. The City also analyzed the cost to renovate the existing fire stations and bring them up to current Federal, State and industry codes and standards. The City currently owns four fire houses and rents space in a privately owned fifth fire house - on Dayton Lane. Two of the existing fire houses will be impossible to bring up to State and Federal codes and will need to be retired. The remaining three houses can be expanded and renovated to accommodate all 6 fire companies based on current codes and standards. There is no excess room to add on to these three houses or to do future code required renovations. The cost to bring the fire houses up to all relevant standards and codes will be $14,326,182.