Assessment Rolls

Assessment rolls list information for every parcel located in the City in section-block-lot order. 

There are 6,418 parcels in the City of Peekskill.  The 2019 average residential assessment is 9,607.

Tentative Roll Date:  June 1st

Final Roll Date:  August 15th

Links to final rolls that are currently available in PDF format are on the left side of the Assessor's main page.

Assessment roll information includes owner name, property address, owner mailing address, site size (front/depth), assessment, the property class code*, exemptions on the property, and the school district code (551200 is Peekskill / 552203 is Hendrick Hudson).

The roll also provides city's level of assessment and important assessment dates.

The link on the upper left side entitled, “Understanding the Entries in the Peekskill Assessment Roll,” shows where the information is available, as well as where the search bar is to search the roll.  For additional information please visit the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance website about assessment rolls (link on upper left).

Calculation Notes:

Estimate of full market value is calculated by dividing the assessment by the level of assessment percentage.  Example:  8,800 assessment / 3.65% level of assessment = $241,096 full market value.

Lot size is calculated by multiplying length times width.  For example, if front is 42 feet and depth is 127 feet, the lot size is 42’ x 127’ = 5,334 square feet.  To calculate acreage, divide by 43,560:  5,334 / 43,560 = 0.122 acre.)