Artist Certification Committee

The Artist Certification Committee reviews applications on a monthly basis to determine eligibility of an individual as an artist to reside in a designated live/work art loft. The Committee reviews and makes the final determination of certification. Completed applications must be emailed 20 days prior to a meeting date (generally the first Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted). Applicants need not attend meetings.

As defined by Section 575-60 of the City of Peekskill Code, an artist is "an individual who practices one of the fine, design, graphic, musical, culinary, literary, computer or performing arts; or an individual whose profession relies on the application of the above-mentioned skills to produce a unique creative product; i.e., an architect, craftsperson, teacher of art, music, dance, chef, photographer, etc."

ARTIST CERTIFICATION BY THE CITY OF PEEKSKILL IS A WHOLLY SEPARATE PROGRAM THAN THE APPLICATION & PROCEDURE FOR THE 'LOFTS ON MAIN' BUILDING. For all 'Lofts on Main' building/program questions, please call Kearney Realty Group at 845-306-7705.

Review the "Instructions for Certification" here.  Only completed applications will be reviewed. See list below for required items and details for each item in the 'Instructions.'

To apply for certification, the following items are required in full. Please combine all materials into 1 PDF Binder.

  • Artist Certification Application
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation: Addressed to the 'Artist Certification Committee.' Reference letters should be from individuals who can confirm the Applicant's artistic background and describe affiliation with the Applicant. All letters must be signed by the reference and include email & phone number information.
  • Resume. Detailed resume identifying relevant artistic and academic education and experiences (with dates) that demonstrate past and current involvements in chosen artistic field. Include gallery showings, exhibits, publications, prints, and other demonstrable platforms that detail how the Applicant engages in selected art field.
  • Letter of Interest. Include an explanation of the creative product and the 'art' created. Also, include a description of how the loft will be used to produce the creative product, involvement in the Peekskill art community, and a one-to-five year plan for how the art might be extended to the public
  • Portfolio Samples. Scanned images or links to websites and other online material are acceptable.
  • Other Examples: Include any other documentation (exhibits, gallery showings, juried events, performances, professional reviews, client lists, commission(s), professional affiliation(s), certification(s), etc.) that support the application. 
  • $25 check made payable to the "City of Peekskill" [send to: City of Peekskill, c/o Jesica Youngblood, 840 Main Street, Peekskill NY 10566]. Please do not send cash.

Please send an email once you have a complete application ready for review. 



Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Jesica Youngblood (914) 293-0916

Board Members

NameTerm Expiration
Larry D'Amico

December 27, 2020

Robert Barthelmes

March 23, 2021

Wilfredo Morel

December 11, 2020

Lise Prown

December 27, 2020

Margaret Steele

May 8, 2020

Nadine Gordon-Taylor

November 13, 2020