Maintenance of Grass, Trees, & Shrubbery

332-5.1 Maintenance of Grass, Trees, and, Shrubbery. - Owners/Occupants' Responsibilities

Prohibited Conditions

  • Ground cover shall be properly established to prevent undue soil erosion due to the elements
  • Heavy undergrowth and accumulations of plant growth that are noxious or detrimental to health or safety shall be eliminated
  • Plantings required by site plan approval shall be replaced when the same has died
  • Grass and weed overgrowth shall be maintained and shall not exceed 10 inches in height due to neglect or lack of maintenance. Decorative grasses within planting beds and bred to be higher than 10 inches in height shall not constitute a violation of this provision
  • Hedges, bushes, trees, shrubbery, and vegetation of any kind or any type of obstruction, whether on private or public property, which obscures or interferes with motorists' view of a roadway or intersection of the City or interferes with pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks of the City shall be removed or trimmed