Building Department

When Do You Need a Building Permit?

Building permits are required for new additions, expansions, conversions, substantial alterations, garages, decks, finished basements and swimming pools. They are just a few examples. When you hire someone to do the work, Home Improvement Contractors, Electricians and Plumbers are required to be licensed by the County of Westchester.

Refinancing, Selling or Buying a Home?

Banks and Mortgage Companies require a building to have a Certificate of Occupancy as part of their application. Does the property have a Certificate of Occupancy? Was something built without a permit? Don't wait for the last minute to find out, when in the process of selling or buying a home, you can call the Building Department to inquire as to the status of the property.

Illegal Apartments / Complaints

The City has increased its efforts to locate and remove illegal apartments and require upgrading of substandard property by using an inspector to work evenings and weekends. Illegal apartments are subsidized by your tax dollars which provide Police and Fire Protection; Schools, Parks and Recreation; Trash collection and Sanitary sewers for the occupants. Also the occupant's safety is in question when construction, plumbing and electrical work is done without proper permits and inspections.

If you know of an illegal apartment, or have a complaint, please submit a written complaint to the Building Department at the address listed above.

To comply with 911 emergency regulations your home/business is required to have the street number posted on it. It must be seen from the street for police, fire and ambulance response.