In a continuing effort to improve our service, the City of Peekskill will be installing a new water meter reading system in your home or business.   This new system utilizes a fully automated technology that will enable us to track significant fluctuations in your water consumption, even a leaking toilet which, in such situations, you will be notified before large amounts of water are wasted and you receive a costly bill.  In addition, each and every water account owner will have the capability to view “real time” water consumption by visiting a website and viewing the activity.

         Please contact the City’s meter installation company Saks Metering Inc. at: (914) 502-3333 to schedule an appointment. The appointment takes less than one hour and will be scheduled at your convenience. 

          To gain a further understanding of our water meter replacement project, we have answers to frequently asked questions below. In addition, you can go to the following websites, or  or telephone us at (914) 734-4150.

          This new meter replacement program started on November 7, 2016 and is expected to be completed within several months.  Please Note: This program is mandatory for all customers.

          Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.

Am I required to have this installed in my propertyYES. All property owners within The City of Peekskill must participate.

What is being done?  An automated water meter reading system will be installed in every home and business in Peekskill over the next several months. Using technology similar to that used by other utilities, this system will remotely transmit a signal enabling the Peekskill Water Department to read the water meter at regular intervals.

Why is this project being done? The Peekskill Water Department is constantly looking for ways to improve service to our customers. This system will advance this goal by:

  • Eliminating estimated billing, ensure accurate readings and improve the City’s response time;
  • Increasing the City’s efforts to conserve water;
  • Reducing the need for City field personnel to gain access to resident’s homes;

What is the cost to the consumer?  For installations of meters with a pipe sized up to 1 Inch, there will be no cost to the customer.  For pipe sizes larger than 1 Inch, the property owner will be charged for the purchase cost of the meter as stipulated in the City Code Chapter 560-7 (A).

For property owners with a meter larger than 1 Inch: 

The Code of the City of Peekskill, Section 560-7 (A) stipulates: “Meters larger than one inch shall be supplied by the City in a setting provided by the owner. The owner shall be charged for the purchase cost of the meter.”  If your property has a meter that is 1½” or 2”, the cost could be as much as $1,600.  If your property has a meter that is 3” or 4”, the cost could be as much as $3,500.  If your property has a meter that is 6” or 8”, the cost could be as much as $4,800.  Final costs will be determined by the size and type of meter installed.

Who will be installing this system?  The City of Peekskill has contracted with SAKS Metering to implement the automated meter reading system in Peekskill. Installers will carry appropriate photo identification.


City of Peekskill Water & Sewer Department 

840 Main Street

Peekskill, NY 10566

(914) 734-4150




Will water service be disrupted?  Your water service will be disrupted only if your water meter needs to be replaced.

Do I have to be home during installation?  If an inside installation is required, an individual over the age of 18 must be present.

What provisions are being made for owners of multi-unit dwellings?  If you are a landlord or property manager who owns or operates multiple unit dwellings, you must be present during installation or you may designate an individual over the age of 18 to be present.

Will a meter reader need to access my property after it is installed?  No, however, City staff may require access to your home for maintenance or to investigate an issue or to adjust the meter.


Who will contact me?  You must call to schedule an appointment for installation or you can contact SAKS via website at click on Make an Appointment

How can I get more information?  An informative FAQ video can be found at or the City website.  Additionally, a Water Department Email has been established to allow residents and property owners to contact us directly with questions about the program.  You can email your questions to: Information will also be available by visiting our website at:


Can I make an appointment? YES. There are three ways that you can make an appointment by contacting Saks Metering directly:


Call: (914) 502-3333


Website: click on Make an Appointment