2016 Update

            From time to time, all municipalities, including the City of Peekskill, are advised of water quality concerns which are promptly addressed in the interest of the health and wellbeing of the community. 

            Over ten years ago, the City government took a proactive approach to water quality and constructed a multi-million dollar state of the art water treatment facility.  This facility now produces drinking water that meets or exceeds all regulatory standards at the federal, state and local levels.  Building on this important project, in the Spring of 2017, the City will commence a citywide hydrant flushing program which will remove any accumulated sediment in the pipes that may lead to taste and odor concerns.

            Over the last six months, the City has undertaken several additional initiatives to insure the provision of the highest quality drinking water.  In the fall of 2016, in addition to the general maintenance that is performed on the distribution system every day, the Water Department focused on and located and repaired leaks in the distribution system, and also repaired and/or replaced water valves and fire hydrants to further stabilize the system.          

              At this time the City is in the midst of a water meter replacement program which has been in the planning process for several years.  The City will replace over 5,200 meters, which will provide more accurate readings for all residents and business users, and ultimately result in equitable billing for all consumers.  The new meters will be able to be read remotely, and will provide a continual read, and customers will be able to monitor their account to insure against potential costly leaks in their system.  At this time 755 meters have been replaced, and customers are urged to contact Saks Metering Company at (914) 502-3333 in order to arrange for convenient installation of the new water meters.