Historic & Landmarks Preservation Board


The Common Council of the City of Peekskill hereby finds and declares that it is desirable to take measures to provide for the designation of historic districts and landmarks in furtherance of the following public purposes, which are found to promote the economic benefits, the cultural and educational advantages, and the general welfare of the City of Peekskill:

(1) To provide for the protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of those districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects which are illustrative of the growth and development of our nation, our state and our City and which are of particular historic or aesthetic value to Peekskill.
(2) To recognize and ensure the preservation of those elements of the City's past which represent the many and varied architectural, artistic, technological and cultural achievements which cannot be duplicated or otherwise replaced.
(3) To promote the use and preservation of landmark buildings, historic districts, structures, sites and objects as a means of providing enjoyment and unique educational benefit by perpetuating the physical evidence of Peekskill's past.
(4) To stabilize and improve property values of such historic districts, buildings, structures, sites and objects and otherwise promote their reuse.
(5) To protect and enhance the City's attractions to tourists and visitors and the support and stimulus to business and industry thereby provided.
(6) To foster civic pride in those elements of the City's past which have given Peekskill its unique character and set it apart from other communities.
(7) To foster economic growth and development within the City through the preservation of landmark buildings, historic districts, structures, sites and objects.



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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jesica Youngblood Staff Liaison (914) 293-0916

Board Members

Catherine Martone
Mary Ellen O'Brien
Lawrence Cunningham
Joseph Squillante
Joseph Gasparino
Ida Silver Wiggins