Artist Certification Committee

The Artist Certification Committee reviews applications for a determination of eligibility of an individual as an artist to reside in a live/work artist loft.  The Committee selects the Chairperson. The Committee is a seven-person committee, including the Director of Planning and Development or designee as the City representative on the Committee. The other six members shall be artists, as defined in § 575-60 of the Code of the City of Peekskill, or otherwise involved in the arts in the City of Peekskill.  

The Certification Committee will make all final determinations regarding certification. All determinations will be made by a simple majority vote based on all of the information provided. The Committee meetings must be attended by a quorum (four members) for a valid vote to be taken.


ART GALLERY: A place where works produced by an artist, as defined by this chapter, are displayed or sold. 

ARTISAN: One who is skilled in an applied art; a craftsman.

ARTIST: An individual who practices one of the fine, design, graphic, musical, literary, computer or performing arts; or an individual whose profession relies on the application of the above-mentioned skills to produce creative product; i.e., an architect, craftsperson, photographer, etc. 

ARTIST LOFT: The work space of an artist that includes an accessory residential space intended only for the artist utilizing the work space.

ARTIST STUDIO: The work space of an artist in which art is produced. Artwork that is produced within an artist studio may be sold at that artist studio.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jesica Youngblood Staff Liaison (914) 293-0916

Board Members